International Prof. Dr. Alireza Yalda Academic Foundation in Medical Sciences

Dear colleagues and friends:
On behalf of international Professor Dr. med. Yalda academic foundation in medical sciences I would like to invite you to the 6th international medical congress on the newest research achievement in molecular, cellular and clinical medicine.
The congress will be held from 17-20th November 2015 at Imam Audience hall in Imam Khomeini university hospital at the Tehran University of Medical Sciences in Iran.
In this congress the internationally renowned researchers and scientists will present the last scientific data in the different fields of medicine. The congress offers main lectures and interactive panel discussions, and assigns CME credit.
Within the framework of the congress the „ International Prof. Yalda Award” in following scientific categories will be conferred on people who have contributed significantly to the field of medicine.


  • 7th International Prof. Yalda Congress on

    The Newest Research Achievements in Cellular, Molecular & Clinical Medicine

    1st Day Time-Table: Monday, 17th  Oct 2016    

                        Imam Hall, Imam Khomeini Hospital Complex                             

    Link 7th International Prof. Yalda Congress on

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